PLEASE NOTE The “friendly” community sales manager is hired by, and represents the best interests of the builder, not you. VERY IMPORTANT You MUST tell the new homes sales rep that William Forsythe is your agent during your FIRST visit. Otherwise, I will not be able to represent you.

Many builders require Realtors to accompany new home buyers on their FIRST visit. So it is best that you make an appointment with me to sign you in.

There is no catch.  The internet has provided home buyers to do their own searching.  So by finding the community on your own simply makes less work for me.  

No.  However my minimum compenstion is 1% of the sales price, or $3000 wichever is greater.

Unfortunately if you are already under contract with another real estate agent, you are not eligible for my program. This service is not meant to solicit buyers already working with a buyer agent. However, once your current contract is terminated or expires, I would be happy to assist you.

Your 2% rebate assumes the builder is paying a 3% commission.  Most builders pay a 3% commission on the base price of the home.  If the base price is $600,000, but you select $50,000 in options, the final price of yoru home at settlement is $650,000.  The builder pays me $18,000 (base price X 3%) and I will rebate you $12,000.

If your rebate exceeds the amount of your closing costs you may use the excess to buy down the rate if obtaining a mortgage.  The builder can also reduce the price by the excess rebate.

Yes.  I offer the same type of rebate program for those who find the home and just need representation.  I would share up to 2% rebate of 3% commission offered.  If less than 3% is offered then whatever amount over 1% would be the rebate. Example : $600,000 sales price.  Offer is 2.5% to selling agent.  Rebate would be 1.5% of sales price ($9,000)

For this program I usually partner with agents in the community your are looking in that would agree to the rebate program.