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Buying A New Home? Get 1% Cash Back!

$600,000 HOME = $6,000 REBATE

I will help you find the PERFECT home, plus rebate you up to 1% CASH BACK

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How my program works

Buying a new home? Some people believe that the builder might give them a better price on a new home if they don’t use a real estate agent. The truth is that the builders own company policy requires the price of the home to be the same – whether you have an agent or not.

At Integrated Real Estate, my special offer is this:  I will help you find the perfect home, negotiate the absolute lowest price, plus rebate you 1% cash back. That’s $6,000 cash back on a $600,000 home. The best part is that none of my services will cost you a penny.

Many people don’t know this, but a 3% realtor commission is built into the price of the home. The “friendly” sales manager is employed by, and represents the best interests of the builder, not you. They try to make it easy to buy without an agent. However, buying a home without representation is risky, and the builder simply pockets the 3% commission as extra profit if they can convince you to buy without an agent.

My concept is to assist buyers with their home search, help identify relevant communities and answer any questions along the way – without any cost, pressure or obligation. As my client, I represent your best interests, and I work with every local, national and custom builder within the state of Arizona.

Your 1% rebate will be in addition to any other special promotions, discounts, free options, upgrades or any other incentives offered by the builder.

If you have any friends, family members or co-workers that are considering buying a new home, please SHARE THIS. If you’re ready to get started, please REGISTER and tell me what you’re looking for. If you have any questions, please visit my FAQ’s page. Otherwise, please CONTACT me to find out why Integrated Real Estate is the smartest way to buy a new home.


Register There is no cost to register. This does not obligate you to use my services to buy a home. Registering simply allows me the opportunity to assist you if and when you find the perfect home and community.


The Search Begins! Feel free to use my online home finding tools to compare all homes and communities that match your exact home buying criteria. Once you find a home you would like to purchase, just let me know. I will go with you to sign in.


Make an Offer Once you find the perfect home and community, I will negotiate the absolute lowest price possible. In addition, I will ensure you receive any/all special promotions, discounts, free options, upgrades or any other incentives available.


Settle & Earn Cash Once you close on your new home, I will rebate you 1% cash back of the purchase price at settlement. I am available to discuss any questions about the program. Register today! No cost, pressure, or obligation.